Formulated to address early age cracking problems, Fibermesh® microsynthetic fibers help prevent the propagation of cracks in the plastic state – precisely when most cracks occur. During the plastic settlement phase, the fibers create a three-dimensional support network that resists the downward pull of gravity, thus keeping aggregates in suspension and promoting uniform bleeding. This fiber network increases the tensile strain capacity of concrete during the plastic shrinkage phase as well. In applications where aesthetics are especially important, you can choose a Fibermesh® micro product that provides a virtually invisible finish. With so many proven benefits Fibermesh® remains the world’s most specified concrete reinforcement micro fiber, year after year.


Engineered for long-term performance and superior concrete crack control in demanding industrial applications, the Novocon® line of steel concrete fibers is specifically designed ot enhance concrete and shotcrete in its hardened state. Industrial concrete floor slab systems are often required to perform under intense loading conditions, including point loads from rack legs and dynamic loading from vehicular traffic. The uniform distribution of steel fibers throughout the conrete mix transforms concrete into a more ductile composite material that increases the energy absorption capability, long-term durability and overall performance of the slab.


The Novomesh family of products represents the best possible solution to concrete’s intrinsic flaws throughout it’s lifespans. These concrete fiber blends are a combination of microsynthetic fibers and either macrosynthetic fibers or steel fibers. Micro fibers excel at controlling cracks in the early stage, while macro (synthetic or steel) fibers provide outstanding crack control in increased load-bearing situations.

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