Wetland Mixes & Plantings

Our wetlands and shorelines serve to purify our waters, provide flood control and protection from the elements and are critical to healthy wildlife environments. Because each habitat is unique and restoring these areas requires extensive knowledge of a variety of environmental and engineering resources, CSI works within engineering specifications to design custom mixes for these type projects.

Live Stakes

Stakes are dormant, live, woody cuttings of a species with the branches trimmed off. Live staking performs an important function in creating a root mat that stabilizes the soil by reinforcing and binding soil particles together. Stake establishment also improves aesthetics and provides a habitat for wildlife. Live stakes can be used on their own to secure other bioengineering materials or as an anchor for erosion control and geo fabrics. Stakes or poles can also be inserted or driven through openings in rock structures, such as gabions, riprap and other retaining structures.

Coir Products

Commonly used in shoreline protection as a sediment control application, coir products are made from densely packed coconut fibers. Landscape contractors, landscape engineers, and environmental engineering companies look to CSI Geoturf to select the correct product for each specific project they are working on.

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