Geoweb Retaining Gravity Walls

GEOWEB® Retaining Walls

Retaining walls built with the GEOWEB® system are an economical, green alternative to MSE wall systems—creating a naturally-vegetated living structure while meeting all structural design requirements.

GEOWEB® walls are also highly adaptable; they provide exceptional performance in soft soil environments and seismic zones, tolerate reasonable differential settlement better than rigid wall systems, can be constructed as gravity structures in areas with space constraints, and are made from environmental degradation-resistant HDPE.


SCOURLOK® is a robust Engineered Bank Stabilization System designed to resist extreme hydraulic stresses and protect shorelines while promoting vegetation. It was developed for applications that need below water scour protection in addition to slope stabilization and erosion control provided by ARMORMAX® and PYRAMAT® Engineered Earth Armoring Solutions.

Triton® Marine Mattress

The Triton® Marine Mattress System is designed for demanding conditions associated with erosion control armoring and submerged foundation projects.

Triton® Marine Mattresses have been widely used for revetment applications, as well as for scour protection and channel linings. They are especially applicable for heavy erosive action.

Triton® Marine Mattresses have also been specified for the construction of submerged foundations. Installation friendly and extremely adaptable, they simplify construction and increase the support over bottom soils prone to settlement or scour.

Bioengineering Products

COIR Products
Natural biodegradable coir products are used to provide the needed protection until establishment of sustainable mature vegetation. These methods not only provide strong, sustainable, aesthetically pleasing shorelines, but also provide habitats for aquatic and terrestrial wildlife.

Live Stakes
Live stakes are dormant, live woody cuttings of a species with the branches trimmed off. Live staking performs an important function in creating a root mat that stabilizes the soil by reinforcing and binding soil particles together.

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