Filtrexx Siltsoxx


SiltSoxx by Filtrexx is the original compost filter sock BMP. Easily installed for a variety of construction applications, SiltSoxx reduces the labor cost required for installation and maintenance, while delivering optimal performance. Made in the USA, a USDA Certified Biobased product, and in compliance with most state and federal agencies including USEPA, AASHTO, USDA NRCS and US ACE. Approved and specified by MDOT under Special Provision.

CSI Geoturf is the exclusive distributor of SiltSoxx in Michigan and available in all locations. Perfect for slopes, inlet protection, as replacement for silt fence, check dams and perimeter control.

Silt Fences

Silt fences are the most widely recognized erosion control best management practice (BMP). CSI Geoturf silt fences are made of geotextile filter fabric and are buried at the bottom. The fence is stretched and supported by wooden posts and has lath backing. Our silt fence comes in standard 24” Oakland county specifications and 36” MDOT size.

Georidge Check Dam

Check Dams

A properly designed, constructed, and maintained check dam will reduce scour and channel erosion by reducing flow velocity and encouraging sedimentation.

A light-weight sustainable alternative to conventional check dams, GeoRidge Permeable Berm from Nilex® is a permeable plastic berm designed for erosion and sediment control. GeoRidge is effective in reducing water velocity, trapping sediment and aiding in vegetation.

Erosion EEL tube

Erosion EEL Sediment Tube

Erosion EEL Sediment Tub is a highly effective sediment control product used at construction sites to prevent suspended soils from contaminating area streams and wetlands during storm events. It is a sediment tube filled with effective filter ballast material, consisting of 100% shredded, recycled tire rubber. The Erosion EEL Sediment Tube is used on any active construction site where soils have been disturbed. The eel is used in lieu of silt fencing, rock check dams, wattles, hay bales, gravel bags, and other conventional BMP items. The eel can be used for perimeter controls, check dams, and diversions berms.

Straw wattle

Straw Wattles

Western Excelsior manufactures Excel Straw Logs in addition to a full line of Rolled Erosion Control Products (RECPs). Excel Straw logs consist of 100% clean, weed free straw fiber matrix confined by a synthetic net to form a log of specific length and diameter. Excel Straw Logs are designed to reduce hydraulic energy and filter sediment laden flow in channels and on slopes. The logs are flexible to conform to the soil surface and are secured by staking. Excel Straw Logs can be ordered in custom lengths to meet specific job conditions.

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