Biaxial geogrid

Geogrids - Biaxial

At CSI Geoturf we offer a large selection of Tensar® Biaxial geogrid products. Designed to resist high, short-term dynamic loads over a period of time. Tensar® BX Geogrids have been used for mechanical ground stabilization in over half a million projects worldwide, including roads, reinforced foundations and working platforms.

Uniaxial geogrid

Geogrids - Uniaxial

Specially formulated with high density resins that are oriented directionally, Tensar® Uniaxial UX Geogrid is resistant to elongation when subjected to heavy loads over long periods. CSI Geoturf is proud to offer this as an easy-to-handle product that provides high strength soil reinforcement in wall and slope applications.

Triaxial geogrid

Geogrids - Triaxial

With its unique triangular structure, the Tensar TriAx (TX) Geogrid represents a revolutionary advancement in geogrid technology. Its multi-directional properties leverage triangular geometry, one of construction’s most stable shapes, providing greater stability and stiffness. The change from a rectangular to a triangular grid aperture, coupled with an increase in rib thickness and junction efficiency, offers the construction industry a better alternative to conventional materials and practices.

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