Geosynthetic Clay

At CSI Geoturf we offer high performance geosynthetic clay liners (GCLs). Offering long lasting resistance to physical or chemical breakdown in harsh environments these liners are ideal for civil site improvements. The use of these liners makes installation easier and performance and resistance to weather conditions much better than conventional methods.

Pond & Containment Liners

From the largest fabricators of liners and geomembranes comes a full line of custom seepage prevention materials. We can furnish and/or install PVC, HDPE, EPDM, Polypropylene and most other formulations of lining products. Our sales force will help you select the right material and teach you how to measure each liner to minimize waste and guarantee total quality for your next lining project.

Our trained team can provide you with a cost-saving solution, technical expertise or design assistance. Call us at 800.621.7007 to discuss your project.