CSI Geoturf carries a wide variety of edging options to help separate turf from mulch, stone, or other landscaping aggregate. Our choices include economical high quality plastic edging, commercial grade aluminum edging, or steel edging depending on budget and application. Color choices are available for the aluminum and steel edging lines.

Landscape Fabric

Landscaping fabrics can be used for weed control in flower beds, around trees and shrubs, or any application where weed suppression is needed. The fabric is breathable to allow water and essential nutrients to filter through to the soil below and, at the same time, help subdue weed growth above. Several weight and size options are available.

Landscape Drainage

Drainage products are used in a wide variety of applications including storm and sanitary sewers, highway drainage, agriculture and residential drainage. We offer HDPE pipe in solid, perforated, or perforated with sock in various sizes along with fittings for any custom application.

Burlap & Tree Supplies

Burlap is designed to help protect against the harsh winter elements when wrapped around or set up as a windscreen against trees and shrubs. CSI Geoturf manufactures Prefabricated Burlap Windscreen, which is great to protect new and old landscapes from winter snow buildup both at residential homes and at commercial settings.

In addition to burlap, CSI Geoturf offers different tree supplies including duckbill anchors, root barriers, and tree guying starps. We offer various variations of these products and our experienced sales team would be happy to assist you.

NDS Flo Well

Drainage Grates & Basins

CSI Geoturf carries a wide variety of landscape drainage options, including catch basins, atrium grates, pipe grates, speed basins and an assortment of covers.

Our trained team can provide you with a cost-saving solution, technical expertise or design assistance. Call us at 800.621.7007 to discuss your project.