Lawn Herbicides

No single herbicide will control all lawn weeds, and not all herbicides can be used on all lawn species. The herbicide you choose will depend on the types of weeds you are trying to control. CSI offers a large variety of lawn herbicides from Roundup to Snapshot to Treflan for all your weed killing needs.

Lawn Insecticides

Garden pests can be hard to fight because they lurk unseen in the soil where they feed on plant roots. Some of these sneaky creatures are the larval stages of more recognizable insects, such as beetles. These grub larvae may also invite secondary damage by attracting skunks and raccoons that leave holes in your manicured lawn as they dig and eat the grubs. CSI offers Dylox, Mach 2, Merit 0.5G and Sevin SL as effective treatment against many destructive insects.

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