Geoturf Basin Bag

Geoturf™ Basin Bag™

To help you to meet NPDES guidelines, we offer products and systems to control pollutants from entering the storm water system. These products trap the solid pollutants so they can be disposed of according to regulatory mandates.

The Geoturf™ Basin Bag™ is designed to make maintaining catch basins and preventing costly problems an easy and inexpensive project.

Both Basin Bag and Basin Bag Plus come in standard, as well as high flow versions for different site conditions. Special ordering custom sizes is an additional option.



SedCages are designed and built to handle all that Mother Nature can dish out. We can honestly say that we are not aware of a single SedCage that has ever failed due to water, wind, or sun. All SedCages have a large, unrestricted overflow, which in nearly all cases exceeds the flow capacity of the grate.

Our trained team can provide you with a cost-saving solution, technical expertise or design assistance. Call us at 800.621.7007 to discuss your project.