Drainage Pipe

High-density polyethylene pipe (HDPE) is a strong, flexible material which allows it to withstand deep fill heights and heavy loads. With proper installation it maintains its impact strength at sub-zero temperatures and weighs 50 to 75% less than comparable steel pipe. Whether you’re looking for strength, ease of installation, chemical resistance or a cost-effective solution, HDPE will meet all of your requirements.

Strip Drain

Strip Drains

Strip drains are prefabricated drains that consist of a high-profile, perforated, three-dimensional core that is fully wrapped with a filter fabric. Strip drains are used for basement footers, lawns and yards, golf courses, athletic fields, and edge and curb drains.

Wall Drain

Wall & Sheet Drains

Wall and sheet drains provide full drainage for large surface areas. Sheet drains are constructed to various strength, flow and soil filtration requirements for a wide range of construction applications, and collect and transport significantly more water than aggregate systems.

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