Turbidity Curtains

Developed to control dispersion of silt and sediment, turbidity curtains are a cost-effective way for development contractors to impede the flow of sediment into water. Commonly turbidity curtains are used in construction activity, marine dredging and remediation projects. CSI Geoturf’s knowledgeable sales team can walk you through all of your options.

Dewatering bags

Dewatering Tubes

Used for dredge material management, Geoturf dewatering tubes are designed based on the viscosity and flow rate of the dredged materials. The tubes work to contain pollutants as they let water drain off, allowing the contained pollutants to be collected and properly disposed of. With a variety of tubes to choose from, our team can help you make the right selection for your specific project.

Our trained team can provide you with a cost-saving solution, technical expertise or design assistance. Call us at 800.621.7007 to discuss your project.